Nails & Pedicures Services

Nail enhancements: 

Dry Manicures
Acrylic or Gel full set
Acry Gel/Poly Gel full set
Acrylic, Gel, or Poly Gel fills
Gel Polish
Dry & Spa Pedicures
All nail art
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Dry Manicure: 

This process involves extensive cuticle work and the shaping and buffing of the natural nail plate.  Prepping it for a flawless canvas of either traditional or gel polish and/or any nail enhancement.  All our nail services start with a dry manicure.

Acrylic Nails:

Looking for a different shape or need more length?  Acrylics do not require a lamp to cure, and they’re great for changing the shape or extending your nails.  They usually require a “fill” every 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow out.  Gel polish can also be applied for “chip resistant” color!

Gel Nails:

This nail enhancement can be applied as an overlay to natural nails or used to sculpt an entire full set with your desired shape and length.  These are  lightweight, strong, flexible, and very dependable, and also leave your nails looking natural.  Our technicians use a variety of products including but not limited to Luminary Nail System, and PolyGel.

Acry Gel/Poly Gel:

The hybrid of this product gives the perfect extended length with the same benefits and maintenance of acrylic and traditional gel nails.  This is made for the person who wants a little extra canvas for nail art!

Gel Polish:

All the joys of a regular manicure without the risk of chipping your polish the moment you dig through your handbag!  Gel polish is virtually indestructible, and impossibly glossy!  It requires a UV light to cure instead of traditional polish which only needs oxygen.  The gel is more flexible and much more resistant to chipping!  We offer an array of colors as well as nail art to make your manicure unique.

Dry and Spa Pedicures:

The manicure for the feet!   Your technician will help you decide which pedicure is right for you.  Whether you’re needing great looking toenails for the beach or just wanting some routine maintenance done, this is a great way to make your feet feel and look amazing!